Service & Warranty

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Service & Warranty

Service & Warranty


Warranty Terms and Conditions:

(This Warranty is valid in Singapore Only)

This product is fully warranted against mechanical faults and defective materials under the following conditions:

1)    Warranty for Bumil Safe Box / Savco Safe-DS Series / Savco Safe-Cash & Carry / all SAFEWELL Safe 

a)    For all mechanism safe – Dial Lock, warranty for Combination dial mechanism period is ONE years.(Excluding Key and its lock)

b)    For all electronic digital safe box, the warranty is ONE year.

c)    For all non-Fireproof safe box Model the warranty is ONE year.

(Manufacturer defects only) 

2)    This warranty card does not cover the following conditions : 

-    Unauthorized modification and repair, misuse and tampering with the product. 

-    Use other than in accordance to the instructions for operation. 

-    Corrosion, rusting, stains or wetness due to ingress of water, chemical or corrosive solvents. 

-    Product that had been damaged by accident. 

-    Unauthorized changes to combination lock. (mechanism lock)

-    Loss of key / and combination number of the safe.

-    Neglecting the knowledge of opening the safe. 

-    A transportation / labor charge of minimum $60.00 will be the imposed for service / repair of the product under the warranty period. 


To help us to serve you better, please fill up all the particulars and retain it for the future service require. Reminder: Kindly place this warranty card in the safe for future servicing verification.